I’m a widower and dad to two amazing sons. My late wife, Alicia, was a creative, funny, and generous soul. I’ve loved to write since I was young, but that love was nearly ground out of me going through graduate school. Too many APA papers and clinical summaries I suppose. This blog is a heroic attempt at reclaiming one of my first loves.

What’s in a name? I chose the Sweet Freethinker for two reasons. First, growing up, you could take a peek in any of my yearbooks and see that most entries went something like this: Guys – “Have a kick ass summer bro!”; Girls – “You’re so sweet! Don’t ever change!” Don’t get me wrong, it was a fine compliment, but everyone knows that sweet guys didn’t get noticed a whole lot. However, I’ve decided to own it, especially after being happily married to a girl who really liked and appreciated this sweet guy. Second reason: I aspire to be a freethinker. While┬áI got a great education, I left school having barely scratched the surface of learning to think critically. Learning to think for oneself is a lifelong pursuit, and it’s one that I’m willing to engage in.